I’m sitting in the sand, allured by the water.
The sky begins to collapse, a complete beauty slaughter.
I open my eyes and behold! It’s my room; the mess, the hate, the direful gloom.
No sunshine, no manumission, no beautiful shore;
it’s not a new day, I’ve had this day before.  Continue reading



I am peacefully floating in a sea of serenity;
gazing at the sunset, searching for my identity.
When are we truly ourselves, just ourselves completely?
I am a diluted version of myself, only being me discreetly.
What was once seen as serene is now defined by anxiety. Continue reading

My Broken Rose-Tinted Glasses

If someone looks at something through rose-tinted glasses, they see only the pleasant parts of it.

This is a phrase that’s been coming up a lot lately, in a uplifting sense. I’m being told to see myself through rose-tinted glasses because I’ve always Continue reading

Here’s the thing…

Sometimes… I feel like I’m so unheard that I have to scream from the top of a mountain. Am I really unheard? Probably not… so why do I feel like this?

Sometimes… I feel like I have to work a million times harder to get people to like me, to stick around. In reality, who likes someone who tries too hard? Continue reading

Bullying is the New Black

I’ve been thinking of the effects bullying has on children lately. I’ve been watching several documentaries on how deeply it scars them during their formative years. I’ve also been the victim of some pretty severe bullying myself, some would argue I’m still bullied daily in some form (the internet is FULL of bullies, huh?).
Continue reading