It’s been a while…

Well, it’s been a while… almost 2 years, wow!

So much has changed:

  • I’ve moved up, career wise, getting a new job just as I stopped posting, then another a year later, then another less than a year later… and I’m happy to say that I now have the best job that I’ve ever had in my life; highest salary, vacation time, great coworkers, benefits, etc.
  • I fell in love with my best friend, and after living together for a year, we’re getting married this month… the way WE want to do it, small and casual at the courthouse. A wedding would’ve killed us both, haha!
  • It’s possible that I may be moving out of state as well, I’ve never lived in any other town in my entire 31 years, and I’m soooo excited to get the hell out of here!

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Illusion Drive

I drive blindly, never missing a turn or curve,
always keeping my cool, never losing my verve.
It’s farcical how concentrating lets my mind wander;
vacuously gazing at the stars, starting to ponder:
“What does it all mean?”, “Why am I here?” – blah blah,  Continue reading

My Broken Rose-Tinted Glasses

If someone looks at something through rose-tinted glasses, they see only the pleasant parts of it.

This is a phrase that’s been coming up a lot lately, in a uplifting sense. I’m being told to see myself through rose-tinted glasses because I’ve always Continue reading

Here’s the thing…

Sometimes… I feel like I’m so unheard that I have to scream from the top of a mountain. Am I really unheard? Probably not… so why do I feel like this?

Sometimes… I feel like I have to work a million times harder to get people to like me, to stick around. In reality, who likes someone who tries too hard? Continue reading

The Should World

I’m not old, not even close to being old yet, but I do think I’m at an age where I should have my shit together now – should should should – The should world kicks my ass way too often. You have expectations, other people have expectations… things just build until you have this idea, this image, in your head – this is what I’ll be, this is where I’ll end up by [insert whatever age here]. Continue reading

Unrequited Love for Valentine’s Day

Unrequited Love – What an appropriate topic for the day before Valentine’s Day, huh?

Unrequited love. What a bitch it is, how it eats at us, how it kills our self-worth and our value, how it makes us wish well for someone who doesn’t wish the same for us. People say that loving is more important than being loved. Continue reading

It’s Not You, It’s Me

I feel like this is something we’ve all heard. I know I’ve heard it before, but I never believed it. When a relationship starts to sour, or even a friendship, I immediately assume I did something wrong. I didn’t say the right thing, I didn’t do the right thing, I don’t look the right way, I’m not as good as this person or that one. I then find myself walking into quicksand, trying to hold onto someone who is already gone. Continue reading