Sun Sets at the Dam

On days when my mind races and I can’t reel it in, I like to take long walks around the lake near the dam. However, our poor lake is not much of a lake anymore. The drought is killing us and what used to be drowning is now drying out. I’m standing where water used to flow, taking photos of a wanna-be lake, a lake so dried out they’ve even started to build new things where the water used to be. It was a peaceful, but sad, sunset this day. 👇 click to enlarge


9 thoughts on “Sun Sets at the Dam

  1. Thank you for liking “Network” and for following my blog. I live in California where we have had a drought for the past few years, so I can sympathize with your feelings about your dried-up lake. We need more rain, and I hope we get it this year.

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