My heart has been given
to the kind and the driven.
As it is nonchalantly cast back,
it hits the ground with a deadly crack.

I am crawling through the mess
that is my life’s distress,
constantly wondering when it will end;
when will I have a real friend?

I want to love but fear I’m not capable.
The pain I feel, it seems, is inescapable.
I know what I want, but can’t quite get there.
I’m left with more despair, becoming more aware.

In image form:


20 thoughts on “Deplore

  1. As much as I dig it, I am not gonna “like” this one on principle; because it makes me believe those feelings are true to you. I can’t “like” the fact that you’re sad about love and friendship no matter how well crafted the poem is…
    It’s just not right, not even on wordpress. All right, all right, maybe I will later, I just need to let it marinade a little longer. Meanwhile, find a real friend and you won’t need to worry about love, you’ll already have it. cheers, aye!

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  2. What a beautiful read! It ties pain in life to appreciate the good that will come your way as life is all about hills and valleys. One does not come without the other. Love always finds an open door, when timing is right. The key is to be strong enough to open that door when the right someone knocks. Also, the rhyming was very smooth and fit well.

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  3. There is a time and season for all things, highs n lows, ups n downs…l feel the secret is to be able to embrace all that comes along from a place where we do not react to whatever Life throws at us. To be grounded in a place where we know we are secure, at ease with all. A lifetime’s work on this path….and longer. Love will happen when you least expect it, perhaps there is just a wee bit of prep. work to be done before it can enter your life with a huge flourish. The lows and suffering we experience teach us something about ourselves each time they show up…all the Best!

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  4. I know that feeling all to well. I hope you expressing yourself helps to heal. I find letting it out is good. Hope you find strength in your words and it does inspire others like me.
    Will look forward to more of your work.
    Thanks for dropping by my joint.
    Smiles 😊

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