Walking Among the Dead

I’d been thinking of my grandmother a lot lately, for reasons I still don’t understand. We didn’t get along and hadn’t spoken in many years when she passed. I hadn’t even visited her grave but when I was passing the cemetery last week, I pulled in swiftly without even giving it a second thought. While searching for that one particular headstone, I decided to take a few photos with my phone… it was an interesting look inward, that day, that journey, but here’s the view my eyes had. 👇 click to enlarge


21 thoughts on “Walking Among the Dead

  1. Man,those are extremely powerful images.I,have to be very careful when,or if i go to a cemetery.I’m a psychic reader.And if i open up,i can be followed home.But.looking at your photos.Very moving.And in light of your reason,your connection,these are amazing and emotional .You are gifted,in lots of ways.This,these pictures,one of them.Maybe one of your other gifts,was the reason you pulled in and took them.You brought light,and love that day.And i think,you left a bit of love there.But i think you must have plenty left,love that is.Take care.

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  2. It’s the stillness and peacefulness that hangs heavy in the air…as if all the souls are just sleeping…for now. I think you made a connection with your Grandmother, or visa versa. Special place and special pictures, thanks for sharing. Hold that special feeling in your heart and take care.

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  3. When I was in grammar school, maybe 5th grade, my class had a field trip to a cemetery. There were historical graves and one grave with a Romeo and Juliette type story behind it. Cemeteries draw me. I enjoyed your pictures and the serenity of your post.

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