I am peacefully floating in a sea of serenity;
gazing at the sunset, searching for my identity.
When are we truly ourselves, just ourselves completely?
I am a diluted version of myself, only being me discreetly.
What was once seen as serene is now defined by anxiety.
The waves launching me about, from myself into society.
Now I am just a product, I am no longer me;
a statistic in a burdensome pile of debris.
I am only one in that nameless heap of debris.
Only me, a tamed banshee.
Completely me, only to a degree.

In image form:


18 thoughts on “Detritus

  1. “tamed” banshee… I ain’t buying it. Not after reading your poems.
    “untamed” perhaps… “unabashed” … your reads lean towards fearless, to me.
    *** perhaps, because, your reads rock! Cheers ~

    Liked by 1 person

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