My Broken Rose-Tinted Glasses

If someone looks at something through rose-tinted glasses, they see only the pleasant parts of it.

This is a phrase that’s been coming up a lot lately, in a uplifting sense. I’m being told to see myself through rose-tinted glasses because I’ve always been unable to see the pleasant parts of myself. I’m told to take off the ugly glasses I use to look at myself – change the glasses, change the mirror, change my perception… how?
How do I do that?
How does anyone do that?
How do you change a habit – no, a reflex – you’ve had since… forever, since you could remember?
How do you change the way you breathe, or chew, the way you walk?
That’s how I feel when someone tells me to see myself differently. It feels insurmountable. It feels like something from a fairy tale, a story where people are profoundly changed by one statement or person or event. I have to fight the urge to laugh when people say it as if it’s — *snap* — that easy.

While being told to use these rose-rosetintedglassestinted glasses, I’m understandably asked what happened to them in the first place.
How did I break those glasses?
Did I break them, or did someone else break them… or did we break them together?
What happened?

As with everyone, it wasn’t just one thing… it’s never just one thing. Unlike a real pair of glasses, you don’t just drop them one day and suddenly see things from a broken perspective. It’s more like a degradation, a decay. A cavity that smarts a little at first but as you continue neglecting the issue, you don’t care for it, it gets worse and worse until one day, as you cry out in pain, you realize the tooth can’t even be saved anymore.
If only our minds were as “easy” to fix as our teeth… a filling here, a root canal there, a crown or an implant. All you need is money, really… right? To fix our minds, money doesn’t matter, our circumstances often don’t matter, the people around us don’t even really matter that much… it has to come from us. We are the only ones that heal ourselves in any kind of meaningful way. And this, I suspect, is why so many people break and stay broken.

I won’t lie, guys… I’m lost myself. I don’t even know where to start. I guess my wanting to start is the start. Maybe. Hopefully.
Tonight I raise a glass for all those trying to fix their broken rose-tinted glasses – It’ll probably be a long journey, but hopefully one that’s worth the trouble. Cheers!Leonardo-DiCaprio-Toast-Fireworks-Gif


18 thoughts on “My Broken Rose-Tinted Glasses

  1. I wish I could give you the key to your questions. Don’t give up. This period is a journey as well. We all go through it and we all find different answers to those seeking questions. Mine was simple- i matter and if I’m aware of my failures then I’m stronger and wiser then I was a minute ago. Never go back, always look forward no matter who or what you leave behind.

    Keep creating.
    ATB DI

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  2. Writing definitely works. But I got to tell you, from my own personal experience which believe me is quite worse than yours, you are right it´s only up to oneself to change. You can have a bunch of people surrounding you and supporting you but it has to be you and only you who make that decision.

    You talked about breaking habits…..I was for 4 and a half years in the army and deployed to two screwed up countries. Probably something broke I came out, when I came out my life spiraled out of control . Took me yet another near to death experience to brake bad habits, but then is like in the army. The same way they drilled into your head certain things and you accept those drillings not only accept but embrace them because that is going to be the life you´re going to live because you chose to I might add. Well you can drill into your head little by little that´s for sure, that there are other things in life. First have to find what you truly want, then put all your energies into a goal you want to accomplish but not to people or things. And go after that goal as your life depended on it. Worked out for me, but took years. In your case, I´m pretty sure your smarter and you´ll be in a better place soon enough.

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  3. Well, congs to you for being hopeful. Some people have “broken glasses” but do not have any hope (or may be desire?) to fix them. I had those glasses for about 15 years of my life & it really had to be me to burn them and make new ones for myself even with all the support and exhortation I was getting from others. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a work in progress & has taken time but I’m on my way.
    Thumbs up to you 🙂

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  4. Some of us choose a personal relationship with Christ God then take it one day at a time. We weren’t broken overnight (in most cases) and we won’t be fixed in a day. He did not come just for the righteous but for the broken. 2 Corinthians 5:21 God made the one who did not know sin to be sin for us, so that in him we would become the righteousness of God.


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