My Sense of Humor

I have a weird sense of humor. I didn’t even realize that for the longest time… but when I do hit the funny bone, I seem to hit it hard 😛

Here are some of my favorites out of the images I’ve created… to make my friends laugh, and sometimes just to make me laugh, haha!


Yes, I’m referring to Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead, haha!


This is my line, but I really wish it was a Samuel L. Jackson quote!


Noisy Panda


If this doesn’t disturb you, I question your humanity.


Another disturbing one – My eyes, enhanced by a Tool album / My nose from another photo / Harry’s mouth, from Harry and the Hendersons


Don’t act like that’s not hot!


Spelling errors in memes drive me crazy!

I4vH1r7 kgnhRFhNVUi4BL


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