I Think I Had a Thought

I think, I think – quite a lot to drink
a wink, a link between us all
a bond that can make us crawl
or pin us against a wall

I think sometimes life feels more like work
a smirk at every quirk
a jerk to irk us all
make us feel small

I think, I think – with every blink
of an eye, we sink
further and further in love
with the idea of love
to shove us together, to fit like a glove

What do we get, a thought
a new plot
I’m not sure, I forgot
Perhaps it can be bought
or untied like a knot

I think, I think – I wishΒ it wouldΒ stop
I wish I could drop
all recurring musings
count my losings
accept the flop

But I can’t…

I fight and fight
sometimes polite
sometimes I’m right
sometimes my sight
is foggy and trite

What would I be
without the debris
that is my mind?
A blind and sometimes kind banshee
I would think

I think, I think – I’ll only shrink
if I give up and quit
I must continue to spit my wit
at anyone willing to sit
long enough to admit
that they also think of these things too

So what are you thinking?

30 thoughts on “I Think I Had a Thought

  1. I don’t quite understand it but I like it because now I have something to think about. ,_, I may never understand though because sometimes I miss even the simplest smallest things and poetry is filled with tiny inner workings.

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  2. I love this! Just this morning I was like…my brain just keeps on thinking. I’m trying to practice mindful breathing and my brain runs thoughts as if it’s what it was made for. Which…maybe it is. What would I be without the debris that is my mind? Um…I’d be quiet, I think. A nice thing, but I’m thankful for the sound, and I dig this poem πŸ™‚

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    • “A nice thing, but I’m thankful for the sound”
      – My thoughts exactly…
      And yeah, I’ve been working really hard to concentrate better, control my thoughts more… it’s hard work though, haha!
      Thanks so much for reading!!

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  3. Is love to admit that I think of the same things but, alas, I do not. Still I loved reading what you think about. I’m also very happy you decided to follow me. Common decency says I must now return the follow. But I’m not decent, never have been. I will follow because I want to, not because I have an obligation.

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