I am peacefully floating in a sea of serenity;
gazing at the sunset, searching for my identity.
When are we truly ourselves, just ourselves completely?
I am a diluted version of myself, only being me discreetly.
What was once seen as serene is now defined by anxiety. Continue reading


Hunting the Hunter

She’s running. She’s screaming unintelligible cries for help, out of shock, in fear. She’s wearing a nightgown of baby blue, barefoot, running in the middle of a street I recognize. I know that house with the brown trim. I know that tree that hangs across the road, dipping into the street, barely leaving enough room for a car to drive underneath. This is the neighborhood I grew up in, Continue reading

My Broken Rose-Tinted Glasses

If someone looks at something through rose-tinted glasses, they see only the pleasant parts of it.

This is a phrase that’s been coming up a lot lately, in a uplifting sense. I’m being told to see myself through rose-tinted glasses because I’ve always Continue reading